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Double H Farm


Westwind Raffinee
Poco Toy Dolly
Solid Miles
Miss Venus
HHN Miss Peparita
Legend To Behold
Miss Dirty Zippo
Zapped By Lightning
JS Zips Dancer
Golden Halo
Skipps Passing Star
Ima Tyree Pepperjack
Playboys Rebel Way
Awindy Barpasser
BB Miss Scarlett Rose
Dynamic Melody
Envy My Color
Dreamin Of Riches
Mandy Sue Hancock

Jetta is a grade sorrel gelding.  He is a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross who was never registered.  We didn't have Jetta long.  He would have been a great horse in the right hands, but as they always say, green horses and green people are not a good combination.