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Double H Farm


Westwind Raffinee
Poco Toy Dolly
Solid Miles
Miss Venus
HHN Miss Peparita
Legend To Behold
Miss Dirty Zippo
Zapped By Lightning
JS Zips Dancer
Golden Halo
Skipps Passing Star
Ima Tyree Pepperjack
Playboys Rebel Way
Awindy Barpasser
BB Miss Scarlett Rose
Dynamic Melody
Envy My Color
Dreamin Of Riches
Mandy Sue Hancock

Star was a sorrel grade mare.  She was an Arabian cross bought by my grandfather and aunt when she was a weanling.  She went on to win my aunt many, many trophies in speed events.  She later became our horse when we moved out of town to an acreage.  She continued to bring home purples with us.  Star was tragically taken from us one night during a severe storm.  She was struck by lightning and killed.  She is, and always will be, missed and remembered.  She is buried in my parent's pasture on the hillside where she liked to stand.